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Our presenters are two very exciting people to know. Their ability to inspire and communicate the ‘back-to-basics’ principles urges even the most disheartened to believe in themselves.

John Hogarth and Laura Hesketh bring life into the room with their lively presentation style. Their welcoming approach supports and encourages fresh ideas and creativity from each participant, with fun, interactive exercises that get your mind thinking and your team spirit ignited.

About Laura

Laura Hesketh is 32 years of age and is a person of great presence.  Her capacity to inspire and motivate captures and mesmerises her audience.

An exceptional communicator and gifted teacher, she has the ability to clarify the daily challenges, which often cause conflicting emotions, without losing any of the richness of feeling that their expression sometimes consumes.  Her unique understanding of our subconcious desire to express ourselves enable her to bring out the best in all who meet her path.

About John

At 33 years of age, John Hogarth is a supportive and encouraging role model. His ability to convey a complicated message into simple points allows his audience to experience a burning can do attitude.

The approachable and open style he offers his audience, allows them the opportunity to take their outlook to a new perspective.  His capacity to teach problem solving and lateral thinking stimulates each participants creativity and motivates them to overcome their daily challenges.

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