A special welcome message from the workshop leaders...

“This is a hands-on workshop, where you actively participate. By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of yourself and your abilities. You will know how to balance your commitments and responsibilities with the benefits of being an adult in your community.

You will learn simple HOW TO techniques and obtain many life skills secrets that usually only years of experience will teach you.

Four hours in this workshop can give you the basic skills to take control of your life and save you years of heartache and frustration.

Book now, places are limited.  We look forward to meeting you there.”

John & Laura

What to expect...
We work only with small groups and each participant graduates with a genuine “CAN DO” attitude that gets results!


Here is a taste of what you will experience on the day of our workshop...


Meet John and Laura


Lateral Thinking
An interactive excercise that gets you thinking about things from a different viewpoint


Self Understanding
A chance to explore your skills, aspirations and limits. 
Pick up a few essential tools
to meet those everyday challenges


Taking the Reins
of Life
Making better decisions from your choices. 
Plan you way through change.
Make the most of your time.


Tools of Life
Practical and effective tools you can use to overcome the obstacles life throws your way


Home Budgeting
Stretching money further than you expected you could!


Initiative Cooking
Great tasting cooking ideas that fit into a limited budget


Job Skills
Golden rules for your resume
Success tips for that interview
Getting the right job for you


An activity which will give you the opportunity to explore your inner self


A list of helpful contacts to assist you when you need it

4 Hours of FUN!
Jam packed with useful and practical information with extra tips on how you can make the most of your life...

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